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The Pontiac has three main employment sectors and hundreds of companies, businesses, and service providers at which your expertise can be put to good use. Here, your commitment and motivation will be valued.

Health care

We are very proud that our CLSC services are among those with the shortest wait times in Quebec. To continue to provide care that is as attentive and quick in all of our health care facilities (our hospital, four medical clinics, four residential and long-term care centres, and four rehabilitation centres), we are always looking for qualified doctors & nurses to join our devoted teams.



In the Pontiac region, education takes place in both English and French. Under the Centre de services scolaire des Hauts-Bois-de-l’Outaouais and the Western Québec School Board, there are eight elementary schools, three secondary schools, and two vocational education training centres. The Pontiac region also has an English CEGEP, Cégep Heritage College. Jobs in the field of education range from teaching and support positions to management and maintenance positions. We welcome all teachers to our area.

Businesses and service providers

In addition to our 18 municipal organizations that represent one of our main employment sectors, the Pontiac region also has hundreds of small companies, businesses, industries and service providers that are looking to expand their teams by hiring employees from all walks of life. Whether you are a manager, technician, developer, carpenter, or project manager, we have expert teams that are looking forward to meeting you.

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